30 Dec 2015

'Lecretia's Choice' blogger Matt Vickers

From Summer Noelle, 10:08 am on 30 December 2015

Tell you What 2016 is a new collection of New Zealand non-fiction from some of our best journalists, essayists and bloggers. Among the entries is a piece by Matt Vickers – the husband of Lecretia Seales, who was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2011, and who went to the High Court in 2015 to fight for the right not to be subjected to the unnecessary suffering of a long and painful death. She died on the 5th of June this year, on the same day the High Court ruled that even though her wishes were rational and reasonable, only Parliament could change the law around assisted death.

Matt Vickers talks with Noelle McCarthy about his blog and how it all started for him.

Lecretia Seales husband Matt Vickers, walking into High Court. 27/05/2015

Photo: RNZ / Alexander Robertson

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