9:05 Feature interview

Adrian Hyland on Australian Bushfires.

9:30 Gallery visit - Leafa Wilson on Waikato Museum

smoking winklepicker
Smoking winklepicker

9:45 International News Paul Buchanan and  Charlotte Glennie

10:05 Feature interview

Author Sandra Gilbert on The Culinary Imagination.

10:35 Summer jobs - Pet Photographer, Tara Sutherland

We talk to locals throughout the country who are hard at work in jobs that don’t stop for the holidays.

Photos by Tara Sutherland
Photos by Tara Sutherland

10:46 Extra for Experts -  Rosie Belton

11:10 Songs of our lives - John MacDonald

Well known musicians and music critics pick three songs that mean the world to them.

11:30 Student voices

AUT student documentaries - Brie Pryde on sugar free diets

11:45 Book Club

Finlay MacDonald reviews The Magus.