9:10 Two Views - Environment

Andrew Campbell And Ian Mackenzie.

9:50 Our Correspondent

Australia with Donna Field.

10:07 Gardening with Xanthe White

10:25 On Song with Simon Sweetman

Simon Sweetman tells the story behind 'Not Many' by Scribe.

10:30 Our Correspondent

Asia with Rachel Mealey.

10:45 A Place In The Sun - Phil Twyford in the Waitakere Ranges

The best places to spend the summer in New Zealand.

11:10 Tales From The Back Country

A daily serial featuring colourful characters from our rural past.

11:20 Stephen King Bookclub - The Dark Half

The Dark Half reviewed by Kiran Dass.

11:35 True Stories Told Live - Sue Orr

Real New Zealanders telling real stories.

11:45 Food Trends with Simon Farrell Green