9:08 Our Correspondent

Middle East with Alexi O'Brien

9:27 A Place In The Sun - St Bathans

The best places to spend the summer in New Zealand.

9:39 Claire Bidwell Smith

10:10 John McBeth with a wrap up of all things sport

10:18 On Song with Simon Sweetman - E Ipo

Simon Sweetman tells the stories behind classic Kiwi pop anthems.

10:28 True Stories Told Live - actor Owen Scott

Real New Zealanders telling real stories.

10:47 Gardening

With Xanthe White.

11:07 Tales From The Back Country - Peter Hodson

A daily serial featuring colourful characters from our rural past.

11:15 Stephen King Bookclub - Blockade Billy

Reviewed by Jeremy Elwood.

11:25 Food with Jacob Brown

Smoked Pork Loin (or Belly)

11:38 Hidden Passions - Sylvie Kirkman

9:52 Song I Could Listen To Again - Roger Sutton