9:08 Max Clifford

9:35 Place In The Sun - St Arnaud

The best places to spend the summer in New Zealand.

9:50 Our Correspondent

UK with Andrew Potter.

10:08 Feature guest - David Slack

10:30 True Stories - Arthur Meek

Real New Zealanders telling real stories.

10:35 On Song with Simon Sweetman: Gutter Black

Simon Sweetman tells the stories behind classic Kiwi pop anthems.

10:45 Hidden Passions

Pro wrestler Kirsty Quested.

11:07 Tales From The Back Country - Fighting Father Christmas

A daily serial featuring colourful characters from our rural past.

11:22 Stephen King Bookclub

The Shining, reviewed Karen Tay.

11:32 Jacob Brown

Larder Left Over Pastie

Summer Fruit Chutney

11:40 Rolling Stone

Duncan Grieve.

11:48 Watching Television with Irene Gardiner