Monday to Friday, 9am - Midday

9:10 Queensland Flood update

Gail Burke ABC reporter on the threat to Brisbane with a flood peak expected this afternoon

9:20 Elizabeth Currid-Halkett

Author of Starstruck: The Business of Celebrity

9:35 Jessica Martin-Weber

Founder of the Leaky Boob Facebook page, which was banned (now reinstated) by Facebook

9:50 Dita De Boni

Parenting commentator on mothers breastfeeding their babies in public

10:10 Kathy Cumming

UK Correspondent on British MPs being charged for the expenses scandal, phone-tapping accusations at the News of the World, drama on the tv show EastEnders and panda diplomacy

10:25 Patricia Nolan-Brown

Inventors who should be Famous: "The Mother of Invention"... US inventor of the original rear facing carseat mirror so you can keep an eye on babies while you drive

10:35 Jim Flynn

Intelligence expert, professor of politics and author of 'The Torchlight List: Around the World in 200 Books'. Jim believes that reading great literature could be better than a university education.
Today's recommendations: San Louis Ray, by Thornton Wilder Bridge; Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter, by Mario Vargas-Llosa; Pablo Neruda: A Passion for Life, by Adam Feinstein

10:50 Steve Braunias

Locally written non-fiction picks - I rode with the epigrams by AK Grant; Ten Years Inside by Tom Scott,%20A.K

11:10 Neville Madsen

Toowoomba photographer who captured the fury of Monday's flash flood

11:20 Duncan Grieve

musical selections for the summer season... The Electric Prunes

11:30 Nick Atkinson

from RNZ National's Music Mix, Nick's homegrown music picks for 2011 - The Veils with Bloom and The Bads with Helensville

11:45 Wallace Chapman

host of political panel TVNZ 7 show BackBenchers and the Kiwi FM drive show, Wallace also like to take photos of stylish people walking the city streets


XTC - Making Plans for Nigel
David Bowie - Fame
Bressa Creeting Cake - Palm Singing (NZ)
Opensouls - Turn it up (NZ)
Dukes - Time is a Train (NZ)
Ohio Players - Summertime
The Electric Prunes - I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night
The Veils - Jesus For The Jugular (NZ)
The Veils - Bloom (NZ)
The Bads - Helensville (NZ)
Aretha Franklin - Think