Monday to Friday, 9am - Midday

9:10 Dr Cornel West

Prominent American intellectual and professor at Princeton University about why he thinks President Obama has let America down...

9:30 David Slack

Social commentator about journalistic and literary revisionism.

10:10 Bernadette Casey

Kiwi Inventors who should be Famous: the designers from The Formary like textiles a lot and have created Wojo, a sustainable fabric made from Starbucks coffee sacks

10:20 Nick Dwyer

Otherwise known as Nick D, with the music he thinks will shine bright in 2011 - Jamie Woon with Night Air; James Blake with Wilheim Scream & Jamie XX (from The XX) with a remix of Eliza Doolittle's Money Bo

10:45 Robert Reid

Author of Shark! Killer tales from the dangerous depths

11:09 Duncan Grieve

Musical selections for the summer season... Sparks

11:30 Simon Farrell-Green

Local Food Heroes with Eat Here Now food blogger - Farmers' Markets & surviving off the food economy grid

11:45 Jacob Brown

Chef of The Larder in Mirimar, Wellington offers some new bbq ideas - Scallops with Fennel Salsa & BBQ Rump steak with Caper and Lemon Butter


John Coltrane - A Love Supreme > Part 1 - Acknowledgement
Linda Ronstadt - Try Me Again
Flip Grater - I thought I was an extrovert (NZ)
Jamie Woon - Night Air
James Blake - Wilheim Scream
Jamie XX - remix of Eliza Doolittle's Money Box
Sparks - The Number One Song in Heaven
Dimmer - Getting what you Give (NZ)