Monday to Friday, 9am - Midday

9:10 Diane Warren

Prolific writer of Golden Globe, Emmy and Grammy award-nominated songs: songs such as Cher - If I Could Turn Back Time; Belinda Carlisle - I get weak; Bad English - When I See You Smile; Aerosmith - I don't want to miss a thing; DeBarge - Rhythm of the Night

9:25 Arthur Baysting

Project director with the New Zealand Music Commission and writer of hit songs (like Tears by The Crocodiles) and films (like Sleeping Dogs), about what makes a good Kiwi song

9:45 Kathy Cumming

UK Correspondent talking about the coalition government, the rise in VAT and the big freeze in the UK

10:07 Queensland Floods

Tony Higgins is the very new pub owner of the Fitzroy Hotel in the flood sticken city of Rockhampton

10:25 Kiwis on Duty

Grace Lebassi, DOC camp manager at French Pass, Marlborough Sounds

10:40 Joy Alcock

Kiwi Inventors who should be Famous: creator of Word Detective spelling game and the Talking Pen

10:50 Steve Braunias

Locally written non-fiction picks - You're a Dick Mummy, by Ann Kidd; River of Experience: The Story of a New Zealand Accounting Firm by FJ Maclean

11:15 Grant Smithies

musical selections for the summer season... The Beach Boys

11:30 Alan Gilmore

what to look out for in the summer night sky

11:45 Troy Ferguson with his choice of songs of the now

Brabd Brauer Frick - Teufelsleiter; Brian Eno - Flint March feat. Jon Hassell & Leo Abrahams; James Blake - Limit To Your Love; Anna Calvi - Jezebel


Aerosmith - I don't want to miss a thing
Scribe - Not Many (nz)
The Naked and Famous - Young Blood (nz)
The Fourmyula - Nature (nz)
Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street
Apple Pie Bed - Lawrence Arabia (nz)
The Mutton Birds - Anchor Me (nz)
The Beach Boys - Wouldn't it be Nice
Strawpeople - Sweet Disorder (nz)
Brabd Brauer Frick - Teufelsleiter
Brian Eno - Flint March feat. Jon Hassell & Leo Abrahams
Anna Calvi - Jezebel
James Blake - Limit To Your Love