Monday to Friday, 9am - Midday

9:10 Ricki Herbert

Coach of the All Whites who had an unbeaten run in the 2010 Football World Cup.

9:35 David Slack

Social commentator about the good things that were 2010 - iPads, the Rally to Restore Sanity and tuis

9:50 Matt Burgess

Chief executive of iPredict about some strong possibilities in politics for 2011

10:10 John Poppleton

Kiwi Inventors who should be Famous: CEO of Kiwi Ingenuity, longtime inventor, now keen to help others...

10:30 Kiwis on Duty

Lisa Murphy works as an officer at Rimutaka Prison

10:40 Nick Officer and Anna Farrow

VUW architect graduates competing in the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon are taking a kiwi bach to Washington DC.

First light house.

11:20 Grant Smithies

Musical selections for the summer season... The Fall

11:30 Simon Farrell-Green

Local Food Heroes with Eat Here Now food blogger - craft beer and single source meats

11:45 Jacob Brown

Chef of The Larder in Mirimar, Wellington offers Hot and Cold Smoking ideas - Smoked Almonds, Smoked Salmon (cold smoked) and Smoked Pork Loin (hot smoked)


Survivor - Eye of the Tiger
Lou Reed - Walk on the Wild Side
Hollie Smith - Overtime (nz)
The National - Runaway
Look Blue Go Purple - Cactus Cat (nz)
The Fall - Totally Wired
Hammond Gamble - Waiting for Rain (nz)
The La's - There She Goes