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10:10 Sea Lions and Mohua

DOC Ranger Graeme Loh tells us about the work that's underway to the protect the Mohua in the Catlins as well as how cheeky Sea Lions are causing problems for boaties in the Otago Harbour,

10:25 Kiwis Who Should be Famous

Delving into New Zealand's history today with our nomination for a Kiwi Who Should be Famous. Margit Brew has nominated two gentlemen who accompanied Cook on his first voyage to New Zealand on board Endeavour. Daniel Carlsson Solander and Herman Sporing who were the botanists that inspired the naming of Botanist Bay.

10:40 Media with Simon Pound

Simon looks into the world of social media and networking from Facebook to twitter and all the way back to MySpace.

11:08 Captain Kremmen - episode 12

The latest episode in our continuing "drama" by the eccentric Kenny Everett.

11:15 Natasha Conland: Curator of the 4th Auckland Triennial

Nastaha Conland is gearing up for 4th Auckland Triennial which starts on March 12. It's the cornerstone exhibition of international contemporary art in New Zealand. The theme for the exhibition is "Last Ride in a Hot Air Balloon" ...

11:30 The Gladeyes live in the studio

Melodic, wistful pop with a psychotic edge. The ladies will be in the studio with their guitars to finish off today's show.