Summer Noelle for Friday 26 December 2008

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Summer Noelle - Friday 26 December 2008

Today after the 10 o'clock news and weather Noelle invites caravan enthusiast, author, photographer

and documentarian Jessie Casson to talk about her new book and documentary 'Champions: New Zealand Winners' -

43 subjects, 12, 000 kms, from Kaikohe to Bluff in 101 days.

Joining Jessie are two of her 'Champions', winner of the Takaka nude Cycle Ngang, and winner of 'Play It Strange'

Dunedin singer/songwriter Anna McDonald.

After the 11 o'clock news Chickenman! by Dick Orkin (Radio Hall of Fame, April 2002 by the National Association of Broadcasters) is back.

The 60s Radio serial has "aired in more than 3,000 cities in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and worldwide via Armed Forces Radio, making it the longest running radio serial of all time" (Radio Ranch). Many remember the serial from Adrian Cronauer's radio show, the inspiration for the feature film 'Good Morning Vietnam' starring Robbin Williams.

This is not to be missed. If you remember it the first time it was broadcast it will still have you laughing and just as confused. If you have never heard it you will become a fan in no time.

For more information on Chicknman! go to their website

Summer is the perfect time to take a trip to the zoo. Hamilton Zoo Director Stephen Standley tells us about the amazing and bizarre Hamilton Zoo houses, also the case of the missing bearded dragons and Madagascan day geckos.

Then we discover what it takes to win the Coast to Coast two years in a row. Sportswoman Emily Miazga and coach John Newsom take a break from training.

'The Musings Of A Cricketing Ne'er-Do-Well'

Jack Perkins has chalked up 50 years in radio, the last 36 as a producer-presenter of Radio New Zealand National's long-running Spectrum documentary series.

But when he wasn't searching the country for Spectrum stories, he managed to fit in 30 years of top-level club cricket in Wellington.

Jack also writes pieces for a cricketing website. 'The Musings Of A Cricketing Ne'er-Do-Well' is a selection from his 2008 output, which combines ascerbic comment on the game with a rich store of memories.

You can read more of Jacks 'Musings' on his blog 'The Bearded Inswinger' where he blogged for 8 months. Jack has also compiled some of his pieces in to a book.

The book is 60 pages of his "memories and observations affectionate of the game but also ascerbic and tongue in cheek" (Perkins, 2008). 'Not Out! No Ball! Over!' (which is a contradiction by cricket's laws - if there's been a no ball it can't be over) will be out early 2009. For more information about the book email Jack Perkins

All this as well as great music and many suprises. Summer Noelle with Noelle McCarthy - 10-12 weekday mornings, on Radio New Zealand National.

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