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7:08 Lakewood Tent City
Steve Brigham who runs a tent city for the homeless in Lakewood, New Jersey.

7:30 Kids' Favourite Things - Honey

7:35 Nick Bollinger's 'Essential New Zealand Albums'
Episode 8 - Dragon - Sunshine

8:06 Summer Jam - Duncan Sarkies

8:15 BBC Windows on the World

8:40 Grass Man
Brett Sipthorpe is head groundskeeper at the Basin Reserve, one of the country's best-loved cricket grounds.

9:06 Looking Beyond Disaster
A panel discussion with Jason Pemberton of the Student Volunteer Army who mobilised young people in response to the Christchurch quakes, Qasim Aslam, a young Pakistani entrepreneur who set up systems to cope with the 2005 earthquake and 2010 floods in his country, and Muthiah Muthe who was involved with relief efforts following natural disasters in Indonesia. All three were part of a recent UNESCO forum in Christchurch.

9:35 Animated News
Richard Hazeldine of Taiwanese News company Next Media Animation on animated news clips.

10:17 Late Edition

10:30 Museum Visit
More grass-related discussion in tonight's museum visit - it's the Bowls Museum in New Plymouth.

10:45 Alice Miller - Antarctic Diary 6
Wellington writer Alice Miller's award-winning poetry, essays, and fiction have appeared in The Listener, Landfall, and Best New Zealand Poems. She recently visited Antarctica and recorded an audio diary for Summer Nights.

11:04 Beale Street Caravan