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Summer Times 2021/2022 for Thursday 21 January 2021



09:05 Biden sworn in as the 46th President of the United States 

Our correspondent Giles Gibson joins Emile from Washington DC with an update on how the day has gone there. The Inauguration ceremony itself took place at 6AM this morning. Joseph Robinette Biden Jr was sworn in as 46th President of the United States and Kamala Harris was sworn in as Vice President. 

US President-Elect Joe Biden speaks in Delaware before departing for Washington, DC on 19 January.

Photo: AFP

09:20 Where to now for the US? 

Earlier this morning the inauguration of the 46th president of the United States Joe Biden took place in Washington DC. Emile speaks to Associate Professor Tim Kuhner from Auckland University about quite where the United States finds itself now politically. 

Kuhner is the author of Capitalism v. Democracy: Money in Politics and the Free Market Constitution and the co-author of Democracy by the People

Members of the US National Guard stand watch at the US Capitol in Washington, DC on January 17, 2021, during a nationwide protest called by anti-government and far-right groups supporting US President Donald Trump and his claim of electoral fraud in the November 3 presidential election.

Photo: AFP

09:30 Combining Te Ao Māori and science to trap pests 

Tame Malcolm is dedicated to protecting the environment - and for more than a decade has been working hard to ensure Māori have a say in how the environment is protected. 

He's about to start a PhD, looking at how Māori traditional knowledge in science can be used to trap pests. 

From left to right, a stoat, rat, and possum.

From left to right, a stoat, rat, and possum. Photo: 123RF

09:40 Boaties taking dogs and cats onto predator free Islands in Bay of Plenty

Boaties in Bay of Plenty are bringing their dogs and sometimes even cats onto predator free islands which conservationists say is putting native fauna at risk.

Fleur Corbett is the chairperson of Guardians of the Bay of Islands and says the islands play a vital role in species recovery.

Project Island Song supporters help release rare saddlebacks onto pest-free islands in the Bay of Islands, in 2015.

Saddlebacks being released onto pest free islands in the Bay of Islands Photo: Supplied/ Project Island Song/ Dean Wright

09:45 UK Correspondent: Will Flockton  

Will Flockton from BBC Sussex joins Emile from the United Kingdom. England is in the teeth of a protracted but unclear lockdown and the roll out of 24/7 vaccination against Covid19. 

A medic wearing a face mask and visor stands outside the emergency department of the Royal London Hospital in London, England, on January 9, 2021.

Photo: AFP

10:00 Affordable cooking with the Destitute Cook 

Eat well, spend less.  Who doesn't want to do that? But we get busy and we get lazy about sticking to a budget and planning out meals. 

The next thing you know you've spent a fortune for the weekly shop.  Food and grocery prices never seem to go down, so now's the time to step up cooking not on a budget, but within our budget.  Sophie Gray is the former editor of Food Magazine and the creator of the Destitute Gourmet. For more than 20 years she's been helping people shop smarter and eat better.  

She also shares recipes for loaded quinoa chilli nachos, peanut chicken and rice, and a fudge cake slice.

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Photo: Sophie Gray

10:30 Classical Studies Memes for Hellenistic Teens​

What's you ancient Greek meme game like? It's very unlikely you have anything on New Zealand teacher Ben. He founded the Twitter page Classical Studies Memes for Hellenistic Teens just under a year ago and has already garnered of a quarter of a million followers. Emile indulges a taste for internet nerdery with Ben. 

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Photo: Ben Underhill

10:45 Podcast: Are we there yet?

11:00 Bookmarks: Dianne Swann 

Today - a regular music critic on Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan - Dianne Swann - who has had a long and varied musical career including with When the cats Away, she's toured with Radiohead, supported Lucinda Williams and Joan Armatrading and is currently making music with her band The Bads. 

Dianne Swann

Dianne Swann Photo: Supplied

11:30  A session with Polytropos 

Oscar West and Rennie Pearson, otherwise known as Polytropos, make traditional Irish and Scottish music. They've just released their debut album and join Emile Donovan in the studio ahead of the Auckland Folk Festival next week.  

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Photo: supplied

11:45 Regional round up: Tom Kitchin

We continue our journey around the country with a catch up with RNZ's Hawke's Bay reporter Tom Kitchin. 

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Photo: RNZ / Anusha Bradley