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Summer Times 2020/2021 for Thursday 16 January 2020


9:05 Animal conservation in an age of climate change

One kiwi has died due in Northland as result of dehydration due to a dry, hot summer in the region. 

This comes on the heels of a report that 2019 was the hottest year on record in 140 years - with no indication temperatures will stabilise any time soon. This has raised questions about the welfare of animals in the time of climate change - does it pose the next great threat to our endangered species? 

Joining us is Forest and Bird north island regional manager, Dr Rebecca Stirnemann.

The North Island brown kiwi is one of five species of kiwi, and the first to have its genome sequenced

The North Island Brown Kiwi Photo: SUPPLIED

9:20 Media accountability in an election year

Victoria University's annual survey on trust in New Zealand showed that only one in ten has complete or a lot of trust in our media while more than a third had little trust and 12 per cent had none at all.

The Edelman Trust Barometer for 2019 showed that fewer than one in four New Zealanders rated journalists as very or extremely credible.

Media commentator, and former editor-in-chief at the New Zealand Herald, Gavin Ellis, has penned a piece which outlines what he hopes the media will accomplish in 2020

New Zealand election

Next Saturday New Zealanders will vote in the 2014 election. Photo: Photo NZ

9:30 Aoteaora beyond the monarchy

The royal family and the monarchy have been all over the headlines this week, but it can easy to forget that we're still ruled by the royal family in New Zealand.

Dr Dean Knight is an Associate Professor of Law at Victoria University and he's been bending his mind towards what New Zealand might look like as a republic, and whether we are a republic in all but name already. 

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Photo: AFP

9:45 What 2020 has in store for Gisborne

Every day we'll be checking in on what's going on in the regions in Aotearoa and the pacific. Today Local Democracy Reporting service Aaron VanDelden based in Gisborne joins me from the region. 

Gisborne sign

Gisborne sign Photo: Credit: BackpackerGuide.NZ

10:05 Using roof stormwater to make your garden thrive and save water

Chris Walsh is a stream-ecologist, which is an expert on streams and rivers.

The University of Melbourne associate professor knows first hand just how urban storm water run off is affecting waterways and streams. So he decided to start at home, by collecting all his own roof water and creating a rain garden, which is thriving at his inner city home.

You can check our Chris' rain garden diary here

10:25 Niwa is taking kauri carbon dating international 

Twenty identical slivers of kauri have been sent around the globe for a radiocarbon intercomparison project which seeks to see what divergences different labs have from each other. Dr Drew Lorrey is the NIWA Principal Scientist for Climate and Environmental Applications and he joins Emile to explain why this is such an exciting project. 

Construction workers in west Auckland have unearthed a treasure trove of rare and valuable swamp kauri

Photo: Supplied

10:40 The League of Nations 100 years on

This week marks the hundredth anniversary of the Lague of Nations, an organisation with lofty goals which was plagued by difficulty right from it's inception. It's formation followed the conclusion of the first world war and it's aim was to prevent another event of its type happening ever again. That didn't happen.

To have a look at the league and explain why it didn't work I'm joined by Associate Professor of History at Victoria University Giacomo Lichtner.

The Gap in the Bridge

The Gap in the Bridge Photo: Public Domain

10:55 A te reo Māori phrase a day

Three times a week, we'll check in with Hēmi Kelly, to learn some useful te reo Māori phrases you can use in your day-to-day life. Hemi's a lecturer in Te Ara Poutama - the Faculty of Māori & Indigenous Development at Auckland University of Technology, and his book A Māori Phrase a Day: 365 Phrases to Kickstart Your Reo will be released on January 7. 

Hēmi Kelly

Hēmi Kelly Photo: Supplied/Hēmi Kelly

11:05 2020 Heart Kid Camp 

This week children with congenital heart defects are attending a camp in Auckland. The camp is organised by Heart Kids New Zealand and is designed to be accessible for children who are unable to attend school camps because of their heart health.

RNZ presenter Anna Tomas is helping out at the camp and joins me now to explain why it's such an important event for these kids. 

11.15 So you want to listen to Jazz? 

Jazz can seem a bit monolithic and difficult to understand when viewed from the outside. But it's a genre that contains multitudes and really does have something for everyone. To help out I'm joined by RNZ Concert's jazz man Nick Tipping to sort through the stacks. 

The Dave Brubeck Quartet

The Dave Brubeck Quartet Photo: supplied