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Summer Times 2020/2021 for Friday 4 January 2019



9:05 Saving lives 

Already this summer our news bulletins have been full of stories of people dying in the water, or surviving a close call.

There are happy endings of course...Just last night a man who was reported missing after he was seen swimming off Kaiti Beach in Gisborne was found  safe and well - he hadn't realised there'd been a lengthy search for him.  

With a long hot summer forecast and people flocking to beaches around the country cool off or head out on their boats, those involved with sea rescues are bracing themselves. With us now are Ray Burge (soft G) who's Operations Manager for Coastguard New Zealand and Belinda Slement from Surf Life Saving New Zealand.

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Photo: Surf Life Saving New Zealand

9:30 Antarctic Podcasts

Harry Seagar has come up with an ambitious plan for a podcast series about Antarctica - but wait, there's much, much more as he aims to spread the word across numerous digital platforms.

His big plans are backed by the Sir Peter Blake Trust that encourages young leaders, and Antarctica New Zealand. He heads to the ice in February to film, interview and record as much as he can in just two weeks. 

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Photo: Supplied

9:45 Tokelau in 2019 

We're taking our regional series further afield with RNZ Pacific reporter Mackenzie Smith who's going to fill us in on Tokelau, and New Zealand's relationship with the territory. 

Nukunonu, Tokelau

Nukunonu, Tokelau Photo: RNZ PACIFIC / MACKENZIE SMITH

10:05 Dan Slevin goes to the movies 

Dan Slevin is here to talk new release films and this week he's been on a trip to the spider verse.

Image from Spider-Man: Homecoming

Photo: Sony Pictures

10:20 Lacrosse

We're profiling sports that have a low profile here but are fast catching on, today it's the turn of Lacrosse. Lynn heads to training in Kilbirnie in Wellington

10:50 Volunteer - CJ 

Our series on volunteering continues with 17 year old Whakatane high school student CJ Poole who's involved in  youth council, environmental issues and a new organisation to address period poverty. 

11:05 Preserving your photographs 

In the cloud, in your phone, on your laptop, maybe on a memory stick - this is how most people store their photos these days.

But photographs still have an important place in our lives and deserve to be preserved for future generations. Vicki-Anne Heikel from the Alexander Turnbull Library gives workshops on preserving photographs and documents. 

Public enquiries via email and phone -  and 04 474-3066 

11:20 Summer Reading: A critical eye 

Today we're continuing our series looking at what a summer read is. I'm joined by editor, publicist and critic Elizabeth Heritage to mull over how the language around books classified as holiday reads works. 

11:35 Bowled away 

On Summer Times we've challenged ourselves to try something new. Lynn Freeman went to the Wilton Bowling Club in Wellington to find out more about what happens on the lawn. 

11:50 Tūwharetoa Marae Sports Challenge 2019

We check in with one of the organisers of the Tūwharetoa Marae Sports Challenge on on how the first day of the challenge is going.