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9:07 Alcohol Report

A study has found New Zealand children are exposed to up to 200 ads per hour when they watch sport on television - a lot of that, if not most of it, alcohol ads.

Professor Sally Casswell from Massey Univeristy's Social and Health Outcomes Research and Evaluation unit.

binge drinking

Photo: 123 RF

9:15 Michael Parekowhai's Lighthouse

Well we've now had a few days to get used to a brand new piece of public art on Queens Wharf here in Auckland - that's of course Michael Parekowhai's The Lighthouse. Associate professor Linda Tyler will tell us her views. 

Michael Parekowhai - The Lighthouse

Michael Parekowhai - The Lighthouse Photo: Auckland Council

9:25 Concerns for the endangered yellow eyed penguin

Sian Torrington, a volunteer ranger for DOC, is worried the construction site to build that carpark was dangerously close to where the rare yellow-eyed penguin, or hoiho, were nesting.

An endangered yellow-eyed penguin (megadyptes antipodes) at Katiki Point, Moeraki, New Zealand

An endangered yellow-eyed penguin 7.47am Photo: AFP

9:45 Best of Jesse: Lee Goldman 

What once helped the human race survive, like storing fat, may be killing us. Many of our current epidemics, obesity, depression, heart attack and stroke can be put down to traits we haven't shed from our ancient ancestors according to cardiologist Dr. Lee Goldman, a dean at the Columbia University medical school. 

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10:07  Hectors Calf spotted in Dunedin

A very young Hector's dolphin calf has been spotted in Otago waters this week.

It was sighted by crew on the Monarch Wildlife Cruises and Tours boat on Tuesday.

Hector's dolphins off Banks Peninsula.

Hector's dolphins off Banks Peninsula. Photo: AFP

10:15 Employee of the Month John Rae Jazz Musician 

Musician John Rae offered to be an employee of the month during the Nelson Jazz festival. 

Now the festival is over and John's gone fishing

10:25 Home for Christmas -  Rebecca Denton 

My expat home for Christmas today Rebecca Denton is on the cusp of releasing her first book. 

She's originally from Dunedin and left Logan Park High School with an impressive outstanding 54 detentions. 

10:30 What Are You Reading?  Marama Fox 

Marama Fox tells us what she has been reading this Summer 

Māori Party co-leader Marama Fox

Māori Party co-leader Marama Fox Photo: RNZ / Mei Heron

11:07  Wine with Yvonne Lorkin, 

The best new vineyards you've never heard of.  In a time when most people are saying it's madness to leap into the competitive and crazy world of winegrowing, there are some great people getting amongst the action and carving out their own small but tastily formed businesses.

11:25 NZ LIVE Kaylee Bell