19 Jun 2022

Jessica Palalagi returns home

From Standing Room Only, 2:50 pm on 19 June 2022
Jessica Palalagi

Jessica Palalagi Photo: supplied

Interisland Collective, London

Interisland Collective, London Photo: supplied

An art collective of self proclaimed ex-pat misfits that formed in London back in 2018, is about to unveil their first exhibition over here in Aotearoa.

The Water Tastes Different Here includes work by international DJ Lady Shaka, fashion designer Lyall Hakaraia, and our guest Jessica Palalagi who's the queer-led In*ter*is*land Collective's co-founder.

Jessica's returned to New Zealand after 16 years in London, to take over as General Manager of the Arts Foundation, and to continue her work with the Collective from here.

Lynn Freeman took Jessica back to 2018 to find out about the collective's early ambitions.

The Water Tastes Different Here will open at Auckland's Tautai Gallery later this week.