12 Dec 2021

Brother and sister team Rebecca and Daniel Nash

From Standing Room Only, 1:50 pm on 12 December 2021

Sister and brother Rebecca and Daniel Nash have collaborated on a new book that celebrates the power of imagination and the beauty of our native birds.

Their grandfather is respected painter and printmaker Stanley Palmer, so creativity is very much in the family DNA.

Rebecca is a poet who teaches creative writing.   She wrote Wilbur's Walk after her partner's sudden death and when her daughter was a toddler.  She often walked around the Lyttleton bays with her little girl, whose reaction to the world around her was often surprising.

Her brother Dan would join them on those walks, and he was the natural choice to illustrate Wilbur's Walk with his dreamlike and surreal pictures. 

Lynn Freeman talks with Rebecca and Dan, who remember growing up in a family that celebrated creativity.

Wilbur's Walk is published by Mary Egan Publishing.