31 Oct 2021

Crime writers awards - whodunit in 2021?

From Standing Room Only, 12:15 pm on 31 October 2021
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Ngaio Marsh

Ngaio Marsh Photo: supplied

The enduring appeal of crime novels that offer their readers genuine thrills and curveballs, compelling characters, just enough clues and not too many red herrings, is celebrated in the annual Ngaio Marsh Awards for crime fiction..

In its 12th year, the number of entries has soared - as have the number of awards.  This year credit is given to Best Novel, Best First Novel, Best Non-Fiction, and a new award this year for the popular YA/Kids readership, the Award for Younger Readers..

The awards cover homegrown mystery, thriller, crime, and suspense writing, and the winners are announced over the weekend.  Here is a list of all the finalists.

Lynn Freeman speaks to winners of the various Ngaio Marsh awards and looks at the future of the genre here.

PS  Next Saturday, Kim Hill will be talking to one of the nominees, Renee, who at 90 is still writing up a storm!