18 Apr 2021

New flags commemorate the people and horses of World War One

From Standing Room Only, 1:50 pm on 18 April 2021

On ANZAC Day, flags will fly around the Wairarapa to commemorate both the soldiers and the horses who made up the New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade serving in the first World War.

Creating the flags and banners as part of the NZ Pacific Studio ANZAC Bridge Fellowship is Esther Bunning, 2020 New Zealand Professional Photographer of the Year.

Esther worked with the local community, including school children, to come up with ideas and words to include on the flags..

Lynn Freeman first asked Esther about her love of horses, and how to capture them in photographs:

Esther Bunning's ANZAC flags will fly on Sunday, in towns around the Wairarapa, and at the ANZAC Memorial Bridge at Kaiparoro for the afternoon ANZAC service.