11 Apr 2021

The Hall - a small story told by a big choir

From Standing Room Only, 2:25 pm on 11 April 2021

A small town family story about dementia and the healng power of music - performed with a mass community choir! - is the new offering from the team behind the play and movie Daffodils

Alison cares for both her daughter Billie and mother Tup who has advanced frontotemporal dementia.  Billie comes across a YouTube video that leads the family to search for a mass choir.

Playwright Ro Bright and director Kitan Petkovski have worked with New York based composer Pat Irwin on the original songs.  They will be performed by a choir made up of Voices Aotearoa NZ and locally-sourced community singers at the premiere at the upcoming Festival of Colour in Wanaka.

Ro explains to Lynn Freeman that the idea for The Hall has been kicking around for a few years:

The Hall premieres at the Wanaka Festival of Colour on the 15th of April.