18 Oct 2020

Jimmy McGovern bringing Anthony back to life

From Standing Room Only, 12:15 pm on 18 October 2020

When 18 year old Anthony Walker was killed in an unprovoked racist attack in Liverpool it was big news. It was no doubt in part because of how he was murdered, with an ice axe and that his killers fled the country before returning to hand themselves in.

Anthony may have been forgotten to others - yesterday's news - but not to his grieving mother Gee. Determined to keep his memory alive, she went to TV screenwiter Jimmy McGovern, best known for his TV dramas including the Hillsborough football tragedy, Cracker and The Street. Jimmy and Gee didn't want a traditional biopic. Instead they imagined the life Antony could have had and what was lost with his premature death.

Lynn speaks to Jimmy about the project and the process of making it.