18 Aug 2019

Anti-fashion: this week on Standing Room Only

From Standing Room Only, 12:00 pm on 18 August 2019
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This week on Standing Room Only 12.30-4pm Sunday: discussion about long term funding investment in arts organisations in the wake of big recent Creative New Zealand funding news with CNZ's Cath Cardiff and The Big Idea's Annie Ackerman, two terrific self declared Maori 'artivists' who give our programme its anti-fashion music theme - David Roil and Suzanne Tamaki -  and the 50th anniversary of Aratoi museum in Masterton with Collections Manager Bronwyn Reid.

After 2pm Thomas La Hood is on The Laugh Track ahead of his duel with Jo Randerson in theatre show Soft n Hard, Ben Crowder and Carl Bland of the theatre company Nightsong on their new show Mr Red Light, and then poet Helen Rickerby asks where are the women philosophers, combining poetry and the essay to mess with biography. That hour wraps up with a chat to Polly Hoskins who's unearthed the fascinating edited script by Dame Ngaio Marsh for her 1943 production of Hamlet, created for the Canterbury University Students Drama Society and our Drama at 3 is On the Brink of Academia