4 Aug 2019

Giving Hope in a Climate Emergency - Anthropozine.org

From Standing Room Only, 1:50 pm on 4 August 2019

Art for earth's sake… the antropocene is the name for the current geological age, judged as the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on our climate and environment. And as such its become a byword for the damage we are inflicting on the planet. Online now is a new publication, or zine, theanthropozine.org themed around climate concerns. It's been created by a bunch of Massey University communication students nationwide who wanted to use art as a way to foster a love of nature. Joining the programme with Mark Amery are web designer Rachel Lewis and content curator Harry Townsend. Harry is also a performance poet and begins this item by sharing some of his work. Fostering a love for nature among a generation more focused on digital screens than wilderness scenes is the aim of the publication. These Massey students "hope to cut through the inertia and fear that overwhelmingly negative news about climate change can trigger." Townsend, a third year Bachelor of Communication student, says the idea behind the The Anthropozine is a "digital campfire" to reconnect people with a love and appreciation of nature's beauty. This, he believes, is "a necessary precursor to unleashing a deeper sense of concern for the damage being done to the natural world - ultimately to motivate action." The publication offers a diverse array of art, photography, poetry, essays and advocacy on a broad range of environmental topics. It also features podcasts, such as one featuring Wellington-based storyteller and educator Peregrin Hyde in discussion with Tony Huang, co-convener of School's Strike for Climate New Zealand; Nikau Te Huki, an artist, activist, and the frontman of Wellington Band H4lf Cast; Dr Sea Rotmann, a marine biologist and ecologist, head of a global research endeavour into human behaviour and Extinction Rebellion Activist; and William Berek, a student of climate change science, psychology and policy. You can keep up with content through their Facebook page.