7 Jul 2019

KP&WM: The makers behind the artist?

From Standing Room Only, 1:50 pm on 7 July 2019

KP&WM: The makers behind the artists explores the work of two Christchurch printmakers, and friends, Peter Vangioni of Kowhai Press and Kate Unger of Watermark Printworkshop, at COCA Christchurch. Working in letterpress and intaglio respectively, both printmakers are heavily embedded in the heart of the Christchurch arts scene, working with a number of New Zealand's most acclaimed artists. The exhibition celebrates the mastery of their craft and the kinship of the collaborative process, featuring prints made with renowned artists including Wayne Youle, Julia Morison, Jason Greig, Tony de Lautour and Nicola Jackson.

Vangioni and Unger's work is placed side-by-side, showcasing the broad spectrum of printing methods that both practitioners work in and the harmonious moments in which their practices cross-over.