28 Apr 2019

Auckland Art Fair dealers look back on the crop of 2019

From Standing Room Only, 3:41 pm on 28 April 2019
John Gow

John Gow Photo: supplied

Jhana Millers and Laila O'Brien

Jhana Millers and Laila O'Brien Photo: supplied

From Hastings to Hobart, Santiago to Rarotonga, 41 galleries from across New Zealand and from seven cities from around the Pacific come together this week to show their wares at the Auckland Art Fair.

The Fair bills itself as New Zealand's premiere contemporary art event, and beyond the galleries there are specially curated projects, like exciting up-and-comers, a showcase of young video artists from China in a shipping container, and an array of talks and events.

The Fair however remains a market-place.  10,000 visitors came through last year, with art sales worth 6-7.5 million dollars as a result.  And among the galleries exhibiting this year is one of New Zealand's longest-established dealers, Gow Langsford, and one of its very newest, Millers O'Brien.

Mark Amery talks Art Fair with John Gow, Jhana Millers and Laila O'Brien.