7 Apr 2019

Irish artist Eva Rothschild and art you can dismantle

From Standing Room Only, 2:49 pm on 7 April 2019

Ireland's 2019 Venice Biennale representative Eva Rothschild is currently working on an exhibition that she and her nation hope will impress the thousands of art critics and art lovers wjho attend the famous event.

Eva fashions scuptures and installations from all kinds of unusual materials and also works with videos.

She's about to exhibit her work in New Zealand for the first time. The exhibition includes a wall to peek over, stools to sit on, a punching bag. 

It also features a video of  a 'controlled experiment', where she invited a group of boys to engage with her works, which they ultimately dismantle and play with.

Lynn Freeman asks Eva Rothschild about Kosmos, and her upcoming Venice Biennale opportunity:

Kosmos opens at Wellington City Gallery on Saturday.