24 Mar 2019

The Gus Fisher Gallery reopens with a bang

From Standing Room Only, 2:27 pm on 24 March 2019

After a comprehensive refurbishment of its Grade 1 heritage-listed interior, Auckland University's Gus Fisher Gallery is about to throw open its doors once again with what it describes as its most ambitious exhibition yet.

The show features the work of 16 Kiwi and international artists, and the title, We're Not Too Big to Care, is  taken from a Four Square ad of all things!

Lynn Freeman speaks to one of the artists commissioned to produce a work for the show, Aroha Novak from Dunedin, and to the gallery's curator,  Lisa Beauchamp who gives a potted history of the Gus Fisher Gallery:

We're Not Too Big to Care has it's big opening night party on Friday 5th of April.