24 Mar 2019

The Art of healing

From Standing Room Only, 1:31 pm on 24 March 2019

Can the arts heal us when we are broken?  That's one of the questions being put to a panel of doctors who're also writers and artists -  a panel created long before the events of March 15th in Christchurch.

The Art of Healing is part of the Bay of Islands Upsurge Festival next month. Lynn Freeman talks to the three panelists - poets Glenn Colquhoun and Art Nahill, and Kerikeri GP and photographer Chris Reid who's published a book of portraits of his patients.

Glenn Colquhoun reads a poem from his new collection, in the shape of letters to young people he works with at a youth health clinic. And Art Nahill reads from his book called Murmurations.

Lynn asked them whether being artists makes them better doctors -  and vice versa.

Upsurge Bay of Islands Arts Fest