3 Mar 2019

Michael Keegan-Dolan

From Standing Room Only, 1:31 pm on 3 March 2019

Demons and dancers...  They're the starting point for a new production by one of Ireland's best known choreographers and theatre makers - and it's a production that's being created in New Zealand.

Over six weeks, as the first New Zealand Festival Artist In Residence, Michael Keegan-Dolan is workshopping the new production, with a cast of long-time members of his company and newbies, including a New Zealand Dance school student.

The as-yet unnamed show will play in Wellington for the Festival next year, but before that it premieres overseas. It's being co-produced with Dublin Theatre Festival and Sadler's Wells London.
Michael Keegan-Dolan has a long history with the New Zealand Festival.  He presented three of his earlier shows there over the past decade.  His new residency is called Made In Wellington.

Lynn Freeman dropped in on the fifth day of rehearsals, and asked Michael if he came to New Zealand with fully formed ideas or an open mind: