24 Feb 2019

Edith and George - photographs separated by a century

From Standing Room Only, 12:38 pm on 24 February 2019

A hundred years separate the portraits of Pacific communities taken by George Robson Crummer and Edith Amituanai.

Their work now hangs side by side at the New Zealand Portrait Gallery, offering us the chance to compare and contrast their styles and their worlds.  George Crummer's work hasn't been exhibited before while Edith's work spans the past few years.

It's a huge year for Edith.  She's got a second exhibition opening in Wellington in a few weeks, a survey show covering her 16 years of work, and another opening in Canada of more recent photographs taken of family members in Las Vegas

Lynn Freeman visits Edith at the gallery during the installation of Edith and George: In our sea of islands.  The exhibition is currently showing at the New Zealand Portrait Gallery in Wellington.