3 Feb 2019

Getting on the map - places from New Zealand books

From Standing Room Only, 12:34 pm on 3 February 2019
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Aotearoa New Zealand's towns and cities, rivers and mountains, buildings and monuments - a map is being complied of these landmarks but this time, when they're mentioned in a book.

It's the latest literary project by Christchurch based organisation The Commuting Book that's already helping bus passengers read work by New Zealand author's while they're on board, just by scanning a code.

Magdalena Lorenzo says there are a couple of hundred entries so far on The Great Map of New Zealand Stories - and there's room for a lot more.

Here below are instructions on how to add to the map above. It joins Radio New Zealand's own map of placenames from New Zealand songs.

"Are you reading a book by an NZ author and set in a real NZ spot? Why not adding it to The Great Map of NZ Stories and help others discover the next best book.

  • "Click on "Add a NZ Book" or "Participate".
  • Sign in as a "Guest" or using your Facebook or Google account.
  • Upload a high-resolution image of the book cover.
  •  Add the title and author's name Tip: Type title using capitalization and add "by" to add the author's name: The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton.
  • Type the location: a lake or a river, a street or a neighbourhood, a well-known building or monument (might not be on the map but you can add the address). Tip: Zoom in and out and move locator around to find the most accurate location. Add NZL at the end of the spot if necessary.
  • Enter the book summary. Let us know what is about. Tip: Use a library catalogue or the publisher's web site to copy and paste the book summary. Name the source.
  • To enter more locations from the same book or from a new one repeat 3 to 6.

All entries are reviewed and only those meeting the criteria are accepted."