4 Nov 2018

Natural history illustrator Erin Forsyth

From Standing Room Only, 12:34 pm on 4 November 2018

Predator Free New Zealand has enlisted the intricate painting skills of natural history illustrator Erin Forsyth. Erin is designing a poster they hope will get Kiwis to back a plan to eradicate pests that are decimating our endemic flora and fauna. Erin's work is finely detailed, and she tells Lynn Freeman that whenever possible she tries to observe the species she paints in the wild. Erin Forsyth's exhibition A Few is her third to showcase native and resident species - from butterflies and bats to birds and the trees they love to hang out in. The exhibition A Few is on at the Pah Homestead in Auckland. In January she's opening another exhibition at the Zealandia reserve in Wellington.