19 Aug 2018

Crying Men - the legacy of family violence

From Standing Room Only, 12:35 pm on 19 August 2018

Choreographer Neil Iremia and writer Victor Rodger are both reflecting on the male violence they witnessed as children, as they collaborate on a dance work called Crying Men. It tells a multi-generational story about Pacific men who struggle - first, as they establish a new life in New Zealand, then when they lose their Matriarch, the glue that had held the family together. Neil's dance company Black Grace has an international reputation for producing confronting work. Victor is also unafraid to ask hard questions in his writing. His plays include Sons and Black Faggot. This may be the first time they've worked together but as Lynn Freeman discovers, Victor's a long time fan of Neil's work: Crying Men premieres on the 6th of September at Auckland's ASB Waterfront Theatre