8 Apr 2018

Millen goes to Hollywood

From Standing Room Only, 1:45 pm on 8 April 2018

Among the funding announcements by New Zealand On Air is a second helping of a web-series called Darryl - produced by the stellar trio of producer Kerry Warkia, director Kiel McNaughton and star Millen Baird. And here at Standing Room Only we've been a fan of the team for ages. When a TV series called Auckland Daze appeared on our screens a few years ago, the critics raved - many saying it was not only the funniest show on television, but one of the best New Zealand TV series ever. It told the story of a bunch of feckless, D-List celebrities attempting to become B List ones. Since then creator Millen Baird has switched media, from mainstream TV to web-series, as well as countries. He and his wife Siobhan Marshall currently live in Hollywood California, and he talks to Simon Morris about his experiences there.