8 Apr 2018

The Adam New Zealand Play Award winner Shane Bosher

From Standing Room Only, 12:16 pm on 8 April 2018

Playmarket presents this award annually for the best new New Zealand play. The Adam New Zealand Play Award, formerly the Playmarket New Play Award, has been offered since 2008. It's aim is to reward new writing and encourage writers to banish all self censoring, all worries about what theatres want, what is affordable and what they think audiences want to see. Lynn Freeman talks to this year's winner. Shane Bosher is a director, actor, dramaturg and Artistic Director - and can now add award-winning playwright to his CV. Everything After last night took out the 2018 Adam NZ Play Award. It tells the story of Nick, a one time ardent activist for Homosexual Law Reform and for AIDS awareness. But 25 years on, Nick disapproves of gay marriage and parenting. He didn't fight for assimilation, AIDS is hardly on the radar any more and he finds solace in methamphetamine and casual sex.