18 Mar 2018

Tallulah Holly-Massey - dancing after the Apocalypse!

From Standing Room Only, 1:49 pm on 18 March 2018

She had calligraphy written all over her body for filmmaker-turned-artist Vincent Ward. She's posed for life-drawing classes here and overseas. And now Tallulah Holly-Massey is creating a post-apocalyptic world within a small space as the new Artist In Residence at Auckland's Basement Theatre. Tender is the Night is the first of three works Tallulah has planned for her residency year. The Auckland-based choreographer and freelance dancer describes it as "two beings demonstrating their survival techniques in a hostile world in dysfunctional ways". Of course, when she was posing for Vincent Ward last year, survival techniques were useful there too - from water tanks to working in cold environments. Tallulah tells Lynn Freeman that dancing was part of her life pretty much from the start. Tender is the Night, choreographed by Tallulah Holly-Massey, opens at Auckland's Basement Theatre on the 25th of March.