6 Aug 2017

Taking a Shot - Guns as Art

From Standing Room Only, 12:47 pm on 6 August 2017

We're bombarded with images of handguns - in news reports and in cop shows and films.

But what about walking into an art gallery and seeing large format, high definition photographs of guns.

Expat photographer Jono Rotman, who's previous exhibition here was a controversial series of Mongrel Mob portraits, is now turning his attention to another uncomfortable aspect of our lives.

What he couldn't have anticipated is his New Zealand exhibition opening just after the recent fatal shootings in Whangarei and the arsenal of guns uncovered during the police investigation.

Since 2005 Jono's been living in the United States where gun ownership is a right and shooting deaths are endemic.

Jono sees guns as both seductive, chilling and even beautiful for all their ability to injure and kill.