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12:15 Streaming levies could be a boon 

The country's Screen Production and Development Association, SPADA, wants our government to impose  a levy on international streaming services that's passed on to the sector in a move it says would be a game-changer. Some other countries are looking at bringing in regulation, be they levies or local quotas, so Aotearoa wouldn't be alone in asking streaming platforms to give a little.

SPADA says the international streaming platforms are welcome here, especially when they film in New Zealand. But it argues there's still a place for a small levy to help an industry that's tight on cash to produce quality homegrown screen productions. SPADA Executive member Irene Gardiner joins Lynn to cover the options. 

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12:30 Can the sound of music be silent? 

Silence seems like a challenging theme for an opera, but the creators of a new contemporary opera about silence have lots to say about the subject and about redefining this very traditional art form for new generations. They are presenting Silence is  as a work in progress as part of the upcoming LitCrawl festival in the Capital. Writer Chris Tse is part of the team working on the opera, created with the encouragement of NZ Opera.

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Photo: Chris Tse

12:45 Nigel Borell: the role of a curator in 2021

Nigel Borell is the curator behind Auckland Art Gallery's landmark exhibition of Māori art Toi Tū Toi Ora, and winner of the Arts Foundation's inaugural He Momo - A Moment In Time Award this year. Since he resigned from the gallery after five years as head Māori art curator, publicly calling on arts institutions to be better at sharing power, he's been in demand with artists and galleries wanting him to curate their shows.

The latest group exhibition at Tautai Contemporary Pacific Arts Trust in Tāmaki Makaurau is Oh My Ocean, developed by nine artists during the 2020-2021 Covid-19 lockdowns.

Nigel Borell, the curator of the big Toi Tu Toi Ora exhibition that's just opened at the Auckland Art Gallery. 15 December 2020 New Zealand Herald photograph by Dean Purcell.
NZH 16Jan21 -

Photo: New Zealand Herald

1:10 At The Movies

Simon Morris reviews three films that seem to require a lot of producing – 40 in total.  They include a fake Iranian prisoner of war, a lamb who’s more than she seems and a documentary about one of the world’s most famous wildlife environmentalists. 


1:33 Nelson Arts Festival forges ahead online 

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Photo: Paula Morris and Rajorshi Chakraborti

Writing Home: An Antidote to Feeling Stranded is a collection of videos the Nelson Arts Festival has commissioned from Kiwi writers living here and overseas. The writers were invited to think about the idea of "home" - particularly of being apart from those they love - and to share a poem or an excerpt from one of their works.

 The Nelson Arts Festival is one of the arts sector's recent Covid casualties, with most of the programme having to be cancelled.  But this show can go on online. Writing Home writer Paula Morris joins Lynn to discuss. 

1:50 Why is CNZ crowdfunding? 

The "Boosted X Moana" crowdfunding campaign returns after raising more than $145,000 for 15 Pacific arts initiatives in last year's pilot programme. Creative New Zealand has chosen artists to feature on the Boosted fundraising platform, matching what's raised dollar for dollar. 

Makerita Urale is CNZ's  Senior Manager, Pacific Arts and as a writer, producer and director herself,  she knows how tough it is for artists to find the money needed to produce their work.

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Photo: Makerita Urale

2:06 The Laugh Track - Peta Mathias

Peta Mathias was an influencer before there was any such thing.  She cooked, she wrote, she took people on gastronomic tours around the world, she turned up regularly on television and radio. She's best known for her prime-time TV shows - Taste New Zealand, Taste Takes Off and A Taste of Home, and now she's turned her attention to fashion. Her new book is all about "buying well, but cannily".

Peta's choices included: Catherine Tate, Joan Rivers, Sarah Millican and Sean Lock.

Peta Mathias

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2:25 Bruce Mason Centre celebrates a big birthday 

Auckland's Bruce Mason Centre is celebrating its 25 years of hosting plays, shows, rehearsals and workshops on the North Shore. It's also the 100th year celebration of the playwright and reviewer it's named after. But the centre came perilously close to not being built. Angela Antony has spent decades as a patron and all round champion of the arts. She considers building The Bruce is her greatest achievement.

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Photo: Angela Anthony

2:40 Emma Neale: The Pink Jumpsuit 

Fact and fiction play hide and seek with each other throughout the new short fiction collection the Pink Jumpsuit by Ōtepoti writer Emma Neale. There's also a mix of short through to ultra short flash fiction in the book. Many have a link, however tenuous, to real life events while others are pure fabrication. Emma has recently ended her time as editor of the Landfall literary magazine to concentrate on her own writing, but still fits in time as a free lance editor.

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Photo: Caroline Davies

2:49 Edward Hanfling: 250 Years of New Zealand Painting

An artist who creates biodegradable art, another who paints on models and their clothes, and one who paints abstract designs on the heads of pins are among those included in the latest edition of the book 250 Years of New Zealand Painting. Selecting the artists for this 4th edition is art critic and writer Edward Hanfling, who says since 1990 painting's place as the pre-eminent artistic medium has been challenged.

3:06 Drama at 3 - Faith

Our classic drama this week is part one of Faith by Tom McCroy which stretches from contemporary New Zealand to war-torn Hungary in the 1930s. Part two will play next Sunday. 


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