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12:16  After the earthquakes, Lyttelton Redux

Lyttelton was hit harder than most by the Christchurch earthquakes - particularly the Lyttelton Museum.  But now it's back - triumphantly, we may say! - with a little help from its friends, past and present. Key historical figures in Lyttelton's history are brought back to life in a new exhibition by Julia Holden - Lyttelton Redux - which has just opened at Canterbury Museum.

First Julia went to Lyttelton Museum to identify the people who mattered - from early settlers to artists, activists, and adventurers like James McKenzie and Ernest Shackleton. Then she tracked down present-day locals who are connected to them, in some way. The photographs and paintings were initially shown around Lyttleton over the summer, but Lyttelton Redux at Canterbury Museum is where they've first been brought together.

Julia tells Lynn Freeman she also wanted to help raise the profile of Lyttleton Museum's collection.

12.28  Sonia Sly's Just One Thing

Today Sonia talks to scientist Sir Richard Faull about his lifelong interest in the human brain, and why he carries a model of it just about everywhere he goes.

12:50 Shannon Te Ao's unique view of Edinburgh

An historic Edinburgh building is the latest canvas for video artist Shannon Te Ao, who's been commissioned to create the work for the city's Art Festival this month. Shannon, who won the 2016 Walters Art Prize, calls his new multimedia work "With the sun aglow, I have my pensive moods".  It explores the physical and emotional depths of love, grief, sickness and healing using, as its starting point, a dance sequence from an old film.  Lynn Freeman asked Shannon if  the commission came with any guidelines.

1:10 At The Movies

Today Simon Morris and New Zealand International Film Festival Director Bill Gosden preview the riches of the upcoming 2017 season, which opens in Auckland on July 20.

1:34  Living off the walls

Graham Hoete - also known as Mr G - found international fame last year after painting two massive wall murals of the late Prince - in Sydney and in the musician's hometown in Minnesota.  Graham's also immortalized Kiwi sports stars like boxer Joseph Parker and basketballer Steven Adams,  Graham's one of three Maori artists nominated in this year's Arts and Entertainment category of the Matariki Awards.  As he tells Lynn Freeman, he's just finished a mural in Tauranga, transforming a local water tower into a giant work of art.

1:49 Forever after? The danger of "tattoo regret"

Getting a tattoo when you're young is no guarantee you'll still be proud of it when you're a bit older.  Will that One Direction tattoo mean the same in ten year's time? Tattoo regrets are one of the things photographer Tracy Sexton is looking at in an exhibition about tattoo culture she's calling Will forever, mean forever?  The popup show opens this week at 17a Hartham Place in Porirua

Tracy's a third year student majoring in photography at Whitireia Porirua and she tells Lynn Freeman that working on this series changed her own views on tattoos:

2:06 The Laugh Track - featuring animators Alex Leighton and Ryan Cooper

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New Zealand has always had a fondness for home-grown animation, whether it's the chirpy Ches and Dale down on the farm, Bro Town's urban smarts or the photo-real empire of Weta Digital.   Mukpuddy Animation is a relatively new kid on the block, best known for the popular kids' series The Barefoot Bandits.   Today's guests are two-thirds of the firm - the other is Tim Evans.   Alex and Ryan's picks include Louis CK, Rowan Atkinson, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, and Lonely Island featuring Michael Bolton.

2:26  Dance of the cheese-makers

The Creamery 1

The Creamery 1 Photo: supplied

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Cheese making is an unlikely subject for a dance work but it's the next course in Java Dance Company's artisan series, following shows about bread and wine. The Creamery is inspired by exactly how milk is transformed into cheese. Java's artistic director Sacha Copland started the company when she was just 21. Since then, Java has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe festival and will be heading to China next.

Sacha researched cheese-making here and in France, and she and The Creamery composer Charley Davenport explain to Lynn Freeman what first got them interested in artisan food.  The show premieres on July 5 at Wellington's Hannah Playhouse.

2:40 New animals of the fashion industry

Pip Adam

Pip Adam Photo: supplied

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Gen X and Millenial fashion industry egos clash in the new novel by Pip Adam - The New Animals, published by Victoria University Press.  Old-school hairdressers - spikey Carla and androgenous Duey -have seen the industry change over the decades.  But New Generation fashion designers like Tommy are fearless and ambitious.

Pip Adam won the New Zealand Post Best First Book Award in 2011 for her short story collection Everything We Hoped For, and two years later published her debut novel, I'm Working on a Building. She also shares her conversations with authors on her Better Off Read podcast.  She talks to Lynn Freeman and reads from The New Animals.

2:50  Masterton's brand-new museum director

Masterton's ambitious Aratoi Wairarapa Museum of Art and History in Masterton has a new director - a multi linguist with an interest in hieroglyphics. German-born Susanna Shadbolt's been keeping the seat warm as Acting Director until her appointment was made formal yesterday. She's worked at museums in Europe and taught Museum Studies at Massey University. Susanna tells Lynn Freeman what lured her from Europe, with all its history, to a much younger New Zealand:

3:06 Drama at 3 - Burning Fires: The Tapu Te Ranga hui.

To commemorate the late Māori activist and writer Bruce Stewart who died on Wednesday aged 80, a repeat of a feature highlighting the works of Māori writers, held at the marae Bruce founded, Tapu Te Ranga Marae at Island Bay in Wellington. Among the writers involved in Burning Fires were Bub Bridger, Keri Kaa, Mihi-peka Edwards, Aroha Harris, Kelly Hai-tana-Mundy and Patricia Grace, with mihi-mihi by Piripi Wara-tini.
Burning Fires was produced by Rangi Chadwick for RNZ


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