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12:15 New Documentary for ANZAC Day.

Beyond the Battalion airs on Maori Television on ANZAC day and tells that story of forgotten kiwi filmmaker Michael Havas who documented members of the 28th Maori Battalion's 1977 pilgrimage to the battlefields of World War Two and how Michael came to be the one to film it. Lynn Freeman speaks to the director of this new documentary Julian Arahanga - better known as an actor playing Nig Heke in Once Were Warriors - about his part in breathing new life into Michael Havas' story.


12:30 Papers Past: Divorce

Emerson Vandey

Emerson Vandey Photo: supplied

Emerson Vandey is captivated by old newspapers. He's in charge of the National Library's Papers Past online collection, and every so often he brings in a few attention grabbing headlines for Standing Room Only. This time it's the reporting of divorces that's caught his eye.

Find out more about Emerson's work on the Papers Past website


12:45 New  Cello Concerto from Gareth Farr

Gareth Farr

Gareth Farr Photo: supplied

Three great-great-uncles of composer Gareth Farr were killed in the First World War and are buried in France and Belgium. His family's loss, and the deaths of all the men and women killed during the war to end all wars, are woven into Gareth's new Cello Concerto. Chemin des Dames will have its premiere with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra next month, and in September it will be performed in France. Lynn Freeman asks Gareth about this new work and about the personal story behind it.


1:10 At The Movies


1:33 Bringing Te Reo Maori to the Stage

Mo and Jess poster (Krystal)

Mo and Jess poster (Krystal) Photo: supplied

It's still a rare thing to have the chance to see an English play translated into Maori. The Merchant of Venice was turned into a te reo film and another Shakespeare play Troilus and Cressida was peformed in Maori here and in the UK. Now New Zealand writer Gary Henderson's play, Mo and Jess Kill Susie about a hostage drama, set in the near future, has been translated into te reo by Te Pou an Auckland  Maori theatre company.

Lynn Freeman  takes some time with Ani-Piki Tuari and Krystal-lee Brown and finds out about translating into Te Reo and staging a production of this kind.

Ani-piki Tuari

Ani-piki Tuari Photo: supplied

1:50 The Historic Pumphouse Theatre Celebrates its 40th Anniversary

Love Letters Poster

Love Letters Poster Photo: supplied

After surviving near demolition back in the 1970s, the North Shore's Pumphouse Theatre is about to celebrate its 40th anniversary. The building's changed a lot - there's heating and dressing rooms for the cast and comfortable seats for the audience. The brick building dates back to 1905 and was originally a water pumping station for the North Shore's early settlers.  In 1983 it was listed as a Category II Historic Building.

Returning to the stage are a couple who performed in the first Pumphouse Theatre production. Lynn Freeman chats with Max and Sue Golding who have both taken many bows on that stage over the decades.

Sue and Max Golding

Sue and Max Golding Photo: supplied

2:06 The Laugh Track - Scott Blanks

Scott Blanks

Scott Blanks Photo: supplied

Scott Blanks joins Lynn Freeman with his pick of the upcoming New Zealand International Comedy Festival.

There's more information on all of Scott's picks and much more on the New Zealand International Comedy Festival Website.

2:25 Light, Sound and Sculpture at the LUX Te Ao Mārama PRECINCT.

Paint, marble, fabric, wood, film....all are fundamental artists' materials. What we don't often think about is the role that light plays in art - not only through illumination. Māori artists have harnessed light in all kinds of ways in work created for Wellington's LUX Light Festival this year.

Lynn Freeman talks to Robert Jahnke and Hemi Macgregor.  Hemi is working with musician Mara TK on an audio visual work, and Bob's presenting neon lit crosses originally created for an outdoor exhibition on Waiheke Island.

2:40 Quintessential Lauris Edmond

Night burns with a white fire cover

Night burns with a white fire cover Photo: supplied

As a tribute to her mother, respected writer Lauris Edmond, her daughter Frances has co-edited a new anthology of favourite poetry and prose. She and Sue Fitchett approached family, friends and other writers for suggestions of writing they felt was quintessential Lauris. Night burns with a white fire is available through Steele Roberts Publishers.

Frances - who's a writer, actress, director and Lauris' literary executor - joins Lynn Freeman in the studio after the Wellington launch of Night burns with a white fire.


Frances Edmond and Sue Fitchett

Frances Edmond and Sue Fitchett Photo: supplied


2:49 The Art of Puppets and Puppeteering.

Jon Coddington

Jon Coddington Photo: Mark Tantrum

Creating a demonic hand puppet is one of the more unusual commissions for Auckland puppeteer Jon Coddington.

It's taken a few goes to perfect  Tyrone for the premiere of a play called Hand to God about a possessed hand puppet and the impact it has on the Christian ministry at a Texan church.

Jon talk to Lynn Freeman about training the cast in the art of puppeteering.....which is not for the feint hearted.

Hand To God will be on at Circa Theatre from 22 April - 20 May.

3:06 Drama at 3 - Faith (Part 2)

The final half of a two-part contemporary NZ Drama. Tom McCrory’s Faith examines the blurred boundaries of relationships and the nature of what we believe.





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