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We live in an age where life is busier than ever before and communication has become a chaotic slur of abbreviated text messages, and #hash tags. As a result, face-to-face interaction and the lines of communication can break down and young people might struggle to find support at a time of heightened transition into adulthood.

But one organisation intent on providing supportia the Boys' and Girls' Institute (BGI) in Wellington which has a long-standing history of helping young people in need.

Based at Troup House on Dixon Street, the inner city facility has seen at least one thousand young people come through its programme 'Challenge for Change'  where individuals are paired up with a mentor who will provide guidance and support. Camps are arranged each year, allowing the young people involved to break away from sometimes troubled home environments, offering new experiences and exciting challenges. 

BGI also plays an important role in nurturing young people through creative programmes and outdoor skills-based activities, which helps to boost confidence, identity and self esteem.

Sonia Sly finds out more when she meets the team behind BGI to find out how they work towards positive outcomes for the young people in our community.

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Exciting activities abound on a Challenge for Change camp Image supplied by BGI
Exciting activities abound at BGI. Image supplied by BGI