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Born in North India in the town of Rohtak in Haryana State, 80 kilometres from New Delhi, Amit Dhull dreamt of becoming a world famous cricketer. Half way around the world in Wellington, Sri Rajasekar shared that same vision, and subsequently their lives intersected more than 10 years ago on Amit's arrival in New Zealand.

Both men had overcome obstacles on and off the field, but after a life-time of devotion to the sport they discovered a mutual desire to contribute to society. Forming the JSD Trust they provide scholarships to students in India who would otherwise not have the opportunity to further their education. Through the trust they also donate funds to local organisations and charities in New Zealand. But what drives them is the idea of service to others which derives for the most part, from Amit's Hindu faith. Two years ago they also set up Presence which focusses on personal development and life coaching as a way of helping others to achieve their goals.

Sri and Amit


Left: Sri (left) and Amit (right) have found friendship in mutual goals.
Right: Sri Rajasekar on the cricket field