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How Far is Heaven is a New Zealand documentary that looks at a small community in the remote village of Hiruharama (Jerusalem) which sits nestled alongside the Whanganui River. It was the very location that Suzanne Aubert established The Sisters of Compassion more than 100 years ago.  Today there are Sisters living in the area, and this documentary looks to explore the relevance of the Sisters presence in the predominantly Maori Community.

Directors Miriam Smith and Christopher Pryor speak to Sonia Sly about their experience in the isolated community where they spent a year filming.

The film is showing as part of The New Zealand International Film Festival 2012.

Three Sisters from the film How Far is Heaven image courtesy of Trigger Marketing and Publicity small
Sisters Anna Maria, Sue, and Margaret Mary in How Far is Heaven. Image courtesy of Trigger Marketing and Publicity © Deerheart Films.

Miriam Smith Chris Pryor cropped
Miriam Smith and Chris Pryor.

How Far is Heaven Trailer