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Her Majesty Queen Victoria was there. So was her right hand man, Mr Brown - solemn and kilted. It was Live Day at the Howick Historical Village, this one marked the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Howick Historical Society.

Howick Ready for the morning flag raising small

Ready for the morning flag raising

The three hectare village comprises over thirty original colonial buildings including schools, a church, a working forge, general store and a street of fencible cottages, all inhabited by 60 volunteers in Victorian dress busying themselves with butter-making, baking and candle making.

Howick Victoria on walkabout small

Victoria on walkabout

Bagpipers marched, maypole dancers danced, and soldiers drilled and fired off their muskets. After the flag raising and God Save the Queen, David Steemson, for Spectrum, took tea with her Majesty in the big house.

Howick Harmonium in full swing at morning church service June small

Harmonium in full  swing at morning church service