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Bill & wife Kathy

Bill and wife Kathy

Aucklander Bill McNabney can't resist other people's junk piles.

For the last twenty five years he's been collecting and restoring old toys so he's always on the look out for a new treasure or a useful spare part. Bill's sons have now built him his own museum to neatly show off his three and a half thousand piece collection.

There are tricycles, trucks, graders, doll prams, pedal cars and tractors, even a pedal aeroplane. His mother's vast doll collection's there too.

Across the way is his even bigger workshop where he has stored thousands of bits of toys and shelves are crammed with others waiting for restoration. Oh, and thirty full size tractors live in there as well. One of the oldest will soon grace the front entrance of his house. 'Why do I do it? It's a bloody obsession'.

Bill and Bikes