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Harbour SouNZ

What is it about the port town of Lyttelton that attracts so many artists and other interesting characters? In Harbour SouNZ we talk to a group of young musicians, as well as Robin Judkins, about life and music in small town New Zealand.

What started as an exploration of the 'New Zealand sound' turned into a tale of friendship and community spirit. Originally made as the final submission for a university paper, 'Harbour SouNZ' is a radio documentary that captures the spirit of friendship and community that is shared among this small group of Lyttelton musicians.

The locals are friendly and, even if you don't live there, it's incredibly easy to feel at home in this port town. Adam McGrath, of Lyttelton-based band 'The Eastern', says he never felt part of a community before moving to Lyttelton and now he can't imagine living anywhere else in New Zealand. Robin Judkins, who lives in Sumner but spends a lot of his time over in Lyttelton, says it has the best community feeling in Christchurch.

It's certainly home to some amazing musical talent and the four musicians featured in 'Harbour SouNZ' represent just a fraction of the artistic types that reside in Lyttelton and the wider harbour area. Lindon Puffin, Carmel Courtney, Adam McGrath & Robin Judkins talk about Lyttelton, life and song, with music from Ariana Tikao, Lindon Puffin, The Eastern & Carmel Courtney.

Harbour SounNZ

Lindon and Robin J