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Lines of tables are a riot of colour. Cashmere, Chambray and Chenille vie with Organdy, Organza and Osnaberg for the attention of fabric-a-holics searching for bargains.

Stall holders have cleaned out their sewing cupboards and even fabric-crammed garages at the invitation of Fabric-a-Brac organizer Josie Brennan. She recently inherited her mother's collection of fabric; her cupboards were groaning with the stuff and in desperation she and a group of like-minded women came up with the idea of a fabric fair, a first for Wellington.

Fabric-a-Brac was a huge success. Its untold yards of material ancient and modern at knock-down prices attracted several hundred women (and very few men). One fabric-a-holic admitted that she would probably use very little of her newly-gained stash. 'But it's great to have my sewing cupboard full of potential', she laughed.

Spectrum's Jack Perkins joins the crowd at Fabric-a-Brac.

Spurred on by success, Josie Brennan has organised another fabric fair for July 18 at the Brooklyn Community Centre.