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Juliet Williams former anorexichands with history

Juliet Williams is certainly more than the girl next door. She is a woman on a mission who now has the strength and energy to carry it through.

Like most young girls and women, Juliet has had times when she worried about her weight. An over awareness of her self-image began to emerge at the age of eight and by the age of eleven she was diagnosed with anorexia. Twenty years on, after countless hospital visits and a handful of trips to specialist clinics in the States, she can now look back on her journey and the complexities of a disease that runs deeper than the superficial need to be thin and glamorous.

Recovery for Juliet is an ongoing process aided by the close support of friends and family.

But what drives her now, is not the familiar compulsive voice of the disease which ravaged her tiny frame, but the knowledge and experience of survival, and the potential to help others.