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Close to 200 women bring bags of clothes, re-discovered at the back of the wardrobe, to swap and shop at New Zealand's first ever 'Big Shwop'. The numbers astound the organizers who can only cater for 80. But when about half of the queue is turned away, these women avoid disappointment by informally swapping clothes in an adjoining area.

'The Big Shwop' aims to bring together women and their wardrobes for an afternoon of shopping that doesn't make a dent on your bank account or your conscience.

The idea is a simple one: women bring along their unwanted, barely worn quality clothes and exchange them for vouchers. When the shwop begins, they trade their vouchers for any of the other lovely threads on offer. You add to your wardrobe but it costs nothing. It's free, fun and truly fair trade!

Spectrum's Jack Perkins joins the queue.